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Hi. I'm Jeremy Reynolds, my wife is Sandra we live in Suffolk, England.  I have created a family tree, which has now grown to a size which I feel may benefit other relations, known, or unknown!

Much of the research is my own, but there is a great deal of information which I have retrieved from the internet which I consider to be "useful".  Some of this information has been cross checked by me, but as there is a great deal to do, I have not covered all of it.  Given the limited sources before the 1837/1841 information precipice, the information before 1837/1841 must be regarded as "to be checked"

I always thought that my family came from the "West Country", Devon and Cornwall, and indeed many of them do.  However I was amazed to find my mother's grandfather was born in Lowestoft along with many of his previous generations, just 30 or so miles from where I live now.

So there are plenty of surprises, which make this hobby so interesting.

I have used a programme call GedHtree to build the pages of this site.  It has an alphabetical index and a pedigree view in which you can move between generations.  There are some other interesting features which you can explore.


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Updated 18th November 2019

Please accept my apologies for not updating this site for so long!