Individual Notes

Note for:   Alfred C West,   ABT 1878 -          Index

     Date:   28 OCT 1877
     Place:   Maker, Cornwall, England

Residence:   Age: 13; Relation to Head of House: Son
     Date:   1891
     Place:   Maker, Cornwall, England

Residence:   Age: 4; Relation to Head of House: Son
     Date:   1881
     Place:   Maker, Cornwall, England

Individual Notes

Note for:   John Prickett,   1845 -          Index

Residence:   St Clement
     Date:   1851
     Place:   Hastings, Sussex

Residence:   Age: 9; RelationToHead: Child
     Date:   1855
     Place:   Carlton, Orleans, New York, USA

Individual Notes

Note for:   Elizabeth Ellen Hosking,   21 APR 1899 - MAR 1982         Index

Residence:   StreetAddress: 13; Age: 40; EnumerationDistrict: DMOE; RegistrationDis
     Date:   1939
     Place:   Guildford, Surrey

Residence:   StreetAddress: Trevaylor
     Date:   1932
     Place:   Guildford, Surrey

Residence:   Age: 11; RelationToHead: Daughter
     Date:   2 APR 1911
     Place:   Penzance and Madron, Cornwall, England

Residence:   Age: 1; RelationToHead: Daughter
     Date:   1901
     Place:   Penzance, Cornwall

Individual Notes

Note for:   Charles D Axtell,   10 AUG 1835 - 11 FEB 1881         Index

Residence:   Age: 30; RelationToHead: Head
     Date:   1865
     Place:   Ridgeway, Orleans, New York, USA

Residence:   Age: 44; Occupation: Farm Laborer; EnumerationDistrict: 083; MaritalSt
     Date:   1880
     Place:   Mundy, Genesee, Michigan, USA

Event:   White
     Type:   Race

     Place:   Grand Blanc, Genesee County, Michigan, United States of America

Individual Notes

Note for:   William R. Gibbs,   1873 -          Index

Residence:   StreetAddress: 1 Lastone Cott; Age: 8; RelationToHead: Son; Occupation
     Date:   1881
     Place:   Ilfracombe, Devon

Individual Notes

Note for:   Sabina Moyse,   1863 -          Index

     Date:   24 JUN 1866
     Place:   Monk Soham, Suffolk

Residence:   District Union Workhouse
     Date:   1881
     Place:   Eye, Suffolk

Residence:   Age: 8; Relation to Head of House: Daughter
     Date:   1871
     Place:   Bedfield, Suffolk

Residence:   110 Newton Road
     Date:   1901
     Place:   Ipswich, Suffolk